Photography by Rudri Patel

Rudri Patel

Editor’s Note by Sudha Balagopal: Rudri Patel is both a writer and a photographer. Nature tells us stories, and in the hands of a skilled photographer like Rudri, these tales can sing, they can dance, they can transmit moods. Here are some fabulous pictures–a lonely cactus, an orange sky boasting a ruby pink sun, the revealing age-lines in the cross section of a tree trunk–that entice our imaginations. Enjoy the visual treat!

Contributor’s Note: Capturing the natural landscape through photography is my way of understanding the world. I am often comforted by looking toward the universal. When I walk or run outdoors, I love watching how the clouds embrace in the sky or how the sun is showing off its full glory. In those moments, I am fully present. My technique is simple — I am actively paying attention.