Revenge, Via Knitwear

David Cook

The dog had been moulting again, but that was okay because it gave Lily more material to knit with.

Click-clack went her needles, stitching strands of hair from Kevin, her bearded collie, to make a scarf for Kelvin, her bearded husband.

Kelvin watched her from the sofa. He didn’t want a scarf made of dog hair. He hadn’t even wanted a dog. He was allergic to them. But getting one had been part of the deal they’d made so he could come home after his affair with Janet from the pub went down the pan.

‘It’s ready,’ chirped Lily. ‘Try it on.’

Kelvin slipped the scarf around his neck and immediately felt several screamingly itchy welts rise up around his collarbone.

‘It’s great, love. Thanks,’ he said.

‘Maybe you can wear it to the pub,’ said Lily.

‘Yes, love,’ said Kelvin.

Lily smiled, gathered more hair, and began to knit Kelvin a hat.

David Cook’s stories have been published in Ellipsis, Fictive Dream, Spelk, the National Flash Fiction Anthology and more. He’s a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. He lives in Bridgend, Wales, with his wife and daughter. Say hi on Twitter @davidcook100.